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Macsa ID offers technologies for marking and coding on the main materials and substrates used in the packaging and industrial market

Engineering Plastic

Plastic is the most versatile material in today’s world. Its mechanical and thermal qualities mean we can mould them into almost anything.


The most common polymer of the family, PET is primarily a colourless resin, and can be semi-rigid to rigid depending on how it is processed. It is lightweight and also very strong, being very impact-resistant.


Possibly the most useful and versatile material on the planet, wood is a material that is relatively cheap, warm, look great, very strong and environmentally friendly.

Laser glass making

Glass is one of the world’s oldest and most versatile human-created materials. Made from liquid sand exposed to extreme temperatures, glass has a very unique composition.


If you weren’t reading this on your computer screen right now, the chances are you would be reading it on paper.


Films used in packaging are a very thin material made up of elastomer polymers. Flexible film packaging can be in the form of bags, envelopes, pouches, sachets and wraps.


Strong, lightweight, easy to combine with other materials, heat and corrosion resistant, and a good conductor of electricity, aluminium is a very popular and widely used material.


Versatile and strong, steel is used in a huge range of human-made objects and is a very popular material.


Genuinely sustainable food production doesn’t end at placing a healthy, vivid environment in which to harvest.

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